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Overnight Service | Freight Companies in Newcastle to Sydney

J.L Transport specialises in all freight and light transport in NSW, including fragile and specialised services , whether their destination in near or far. All services are individually tailored to your needs. Contact us with requests and we will come up with a solution J.L Transport always delivers.

Modes of transport

J.L. Transport provide a wide range of heavy transport options including pan-techs, taut liners, forklifts, tailgates, vans and utes. In addition to regular pallets, we are also capable of transporting bathroom ware, computer goods, air conditioning equipment, whitegoods and oversized freight. So, if you need a company for your truly specialised transport from NSW, J.L. Transport is your reliable partner.

Security & safety

J.L. Transport has tight regulations for safety and security for all specialised transport in NSW. We have built a reputation for safety, reliability and expertise. Your load will be expertly secured. Confidentiality and privacy ismaintained at all times and all our staff are professionally trained in safety for transportation and handling of your goods. Don't hesitate to call J.L. Transport on (02) 4962 2433 for all your transport needs.


J.L. Transport specialises in all freight and light transport in NSW, including fragile and specialised services. We are a trusted mover for all your freight services, whether their destination is near or far.

Payment and Invoicing

We run a 30 day accounting system with payments easily made by EFT or by cheque. A copy of each consignment note will be included with your Tax invoice. Our accounts are very easily reconcilable, so it makes them easy for you to pay.


These are stored at our main depot administration in Newcastle. Most POD’s for the Central Coast Areas can be sent to you within (30) thirty minutes. These may also be accessed via the internet/on-line so they can be at your disposal when you require.

One of our trucks for freight services in Newcastle