• All vehicles are up to date models and serviced at regular intervals to avoid any excess smoke or exhaust emissions.
  • We also recycle our fair filters and have them cleaned up to six times before purchasing new ones.
  • We keep our waste oil on the premises until the drums are full and then call the waste collection people who come up and pump it into tankers to be taken away for recycling.
  • Our wash bay is fully council approved, we also invite the EPA to assist with the design and capacity specifications when we were building it, of which they were only too happy to help.
  • The washing formula we use is called “Protecta Wash” and is fully biodegradable and a of a “quick break” structure so as to ensure the material is fully broken down before being processed through the pit and separator system.
  • The retreated tyres that we use come from Hunter Valley Retreads and are approximately twice the price of normal retreads. However, they do twice the mileage and in ten years we have never had one blow out, leaving those ugly pieces of truck tyre all over the sides of the freeway.
  • All cardboard is gathered and delivered at our own cost to the Disabled Association in Newcastle where they have been running a recycling program for many years.
  • All wooden pallets and skids that are not “exchangeable” ( as in CHEP pallets for example ) are redistributed back out to our clients who can give them another “life”.This is once again done free of charge and at our own expense.
  • All other waste and packing materials that cannot be recycled are disposed of via our bulk collection bin that is taken care of through the correct channels.
  • Lastly but mostly importantly, we utilise our wash bay to its full extent and keep our vehicles spotlessly clean and polished ( and with tyres painted ) so as to create a perception and lift the general image of not only our company, but also your company. It is important not only to act appropriately, but also to be seen as setting the standards.
  • All of this would not be possible without our wonderful staff, and all the credit should go in their direction.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number. We look forward to working together with you on the environmental awareness issue, which becomes more and more important as each day passes.